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RICHMOND HEIGHTS • Anna Brown wasn't leaving the emergency room quietly. She yelled from a wheelchair at St. Mary's Health Center security personnel and Richmond Heights police officers that her legs hurt so badly she couldn't stand. She had already been to two other hospitals that week in September, complaining of leg pain after spraining her ankle. This time, she refused to leave. A police officer arrested Brown for trespassing. He wheeled her out in handcuffs after a doctor said she was healthy enough to be locked up. Brown was 29. A mother who had lost custody of two children. Homeless. On Medicaid. And, an autopsy later revealed, dying from blood clots that started in her legs, then lodged in her lungs. She told officers she couldn't get out of the police car, so they dragged her by her arms into the station. They left her lying on the concrete floor of a jail cell, moaning and struggling to breathe. Just 15 minutes later, a jail worker found her cold to the touch. Officers suspected Brown was using drugs. Autopsy results showed she had no drugs in her system. Six months later, family members still wonder how Brown's sprained ankle led to her death in police custody, and whether anyone — including themselves — is to blame. There seems to be no simple answer. St. Mary's officials say they did all they were supposed to do for Brown. Richmond Heights police said they trusted a doctor who said she was fit for jail. Brown's mother, Dorothy Davis, isn't sure what to think. "If the police killed my daughter, I want to know," she said. "If the hospital is at fault, I want to know. I want to be able to tell her children why their mother isn't here." Davis also faults the St. Louis County Family Court, which she said forced her into a heartbreaking dilemma after the state took away Brown's children on a claim of neglect. Davis could take in her grandchildren or her daughter, a judge said, but not both. "I'm mad at myself because if I hadn't listened to the courts, she would still be here," Davis said. "If she had been here at this house, she would be here today." STREETS BECAME HOME Anna Brown was one of 10 children. She graduated from Kirkwood High School. At 18, she had her first child, a boy. She had a daughter nine years later. Brown was raising them alone when a tornado destroyed her north St. Louis home on New Year's Eve 2010. She moved to Berkeley. Shortly after, she lost her job at a sandwich shop. Bills lapsed. The electricity was turned off. So was the gas. And the water. Family members say Brown and her children appeared fine during visits at Davis' home in Normandy. They weren't. In April, a state Children's Division representative found Brown's toilet filled with feces. Burn marks scarred the floors and sinks where Brown had used small fires to stay warm. One refrigerator could not be opened. Insects and rotting food filled another, according to state reports given to the Post-Dispatch by Brown's family. Brown was not lucid and seemed confused as Berkeley police arrested her for parental neglect. The courts awarded legal custody of the kids to the Children's Division. Davis could have physical custody, as long as Brown didn't live with her. Brown's home was condemned. She ended up on the streets. She lived in four homeless shelters from May to September 2011. At first, she visited her children at her mother's home. That ended in June, when Brown started telling the children they didn't have to listen to their grandparents and called the police to report they were being abused. Police found no evidence of abuse. After that, Brown had supervised visits with her children at the Children's Division. She also called her mother daily to check on them. SLIPPING AWAY Brown struggled with officials' requirements for reuniting with her children. She passed two drug tests but balked at others. "She felt that she had passed them, so there was no point in doing them again," Davis said. A court-ordered psychological evaluation to determine whether Brown had cognitive, developmental, behavioral or mental illnesses came back inconclusive. So the courts ordered a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether Brown needed medication or a doctor's treatment. But Brown resisted, not understanding the difference between the two evaluations, according to her caseworker's notes. Still, she may have known something was wrong. She joined the St. Louis Empowerment Center, a drop-in center for the mentally ill. "It was like a light bulb went on when she heard others tell their stories," said Kevin Dean, a peer specialist at the center. "She was just starting to make progress." Brown's witty comments often broke the ice during group meetings, said Warren Brown, another peer specialist and no relation to Anna. Anna Brown one day said she hurt her ankle while walking near a ditch, Dean and Warren Brown recalled. The last time they remember seeing her was in August 2011; she said she couldn't walk up the stairs. Brown told her caseworker on Sept. 14 that she had been admitted to St. Louis University Hospital for a sprained ankle. Bills her mother received show Brown stayed at that hospital from Sept. 13-15 and underwent an EKG, some radiology services, lab work and cardiovascular services. "She wasn't very eager to go home, but we do all we can to take care of the whole patient, and we want to make sure that we do not push someone out the door as soon as she came here," said SLU spokeswoman Laura Keller. She said there was no indication of a blood clot in Brown's leg. Krystle Brown said she saw her sister for the last time after she was discharged from SLU. She dropped Anna off on Market Street downtown, where Anna said she wanted to be. Davis didn't want her daughter out in the rain and ordered Krystle to bring her home — regardless of the court order. It was too late. Krystle couldn't find her sister. Four days later, Brown had her last supervised visit with her children. She was on crutches. FINAL MOMENTS State inspectors working for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — a federal agency that regulates hospitals — interviewed St. Mary's staff and reviewed medical records after the Post-Dispatch asked about Brown's case in January. They found that on Sept. 20, Brown returned to SLU Hospital for knee and ankle pain. X-rays of her knees were negative and she was given a prescription for a painkiller. She refused to leave. Hospital security called St. Louis police, who responded about 5 a.m. Brown told them she wanted to go to a better hospital but refused to go in an ambulance, police said. She then wheeled herself next door to Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, where doctors found tenderness in her legs. They told her she was at a pediatric hospital. She said she wasn't leaving unless someone took her to an adult hospital, according to the inspectors. An ambulance then took her to St. Mary's, inspectors found. She arrived at 11:45 a.m. Her left ankle was swollen. She was there for about seven hours, during which ultrasounds on both of her legs were negative for blood clots. A nurse said she saw her stand up. A social worker gave her a list of shelters and a phone number for transportation. She returned eight hours later by ambulance complaining of abdominal pain only, inspectors said. She refused to sign discharge papers but was discharged at 7 a.m. Richmond Heights Officer Jason Tharp was at St. Mary's on another call about 10 a.m. when a security officer, Steve Schaffer, told him a woman was claiming she "did not receive adequate medical attention and did not have to leave." She was sitting in a wheelchair and told officers she was waiting for a ride. Tharp told her to wait outside or face arrest for trespassing. "You can't arrest me. I know my rights, I can't even stand up!" she yelled, according to police. Officer Scott Stebelman said he waited for about three hours for a doctor to examine Brown before taking her to jail. At 12:30 p.m., a doctor issued a "Fit for Confinement" report, according to the state inspectors. The inspectors' report, however, contains some differences from reports written by Richmond Heights police and the county medical examiner's office: • Police and medical examiner reports, based on interviews from that day, quote St. Mary's staff as saying Brown did complain of leg pain on her return visit, not just abdominal pain. • A St. Mary's nurse told the medical examiner that Brown was still complaining of leg and abdominal pain at 12:40 p.m.: "She was advised that she had already been treated and needed to leave the hospital." • Police said the doctor's "fit for confinement" decision was made at 1:20 p.m., not 12:30 p.m. Police also said Brown yelled "My legs don't work!" as they wheeled her out after the exam. DYING IN JAIL Once in custody, Brown initially cursed at Tharp inside his patrol car during the ride to jail and asked for a wheelchair after officers ordered her out of the car, according to surveillance tapes. "I can't put any pressure on my legs," she told them. Two officers then pulled her into the station by her arms. Police listed "suspected drug use" as Brown's physical state and "unknown leg pain" under medical notes. While at the police station, Brown's condition worsened. Officers carried her by her arms and legs into a cell and left her on her back on the floor. She moaned and moved her head back and forth. She's last seen moving on the tapes at 2 p.m. A dispatcher with East Central Dispatch zoomed a surveillance camera in and out on Brown because "it was difficult to determine if the prisoner was still breathing later due to the pixilation grain on his monitor," police reported. Fifteen minutes later, a jail worker readying meals found Brown unresponsive. Several responders shocked her with a defibrillator and started CPR. Paramedics rushed Brown back to St. Mary's. Within hours of being declaring fit for confinement, Brown was pronounced dead. Back in the jail cell, Richmond Heights Fire Chief Kerry Hogan was putting away the jail's defibrillator when, according to a recording of the conversation, a Richmond Heights officer told him: "We got a 'fit (for confinement') on her a half hour ago. I mean, literally, a half hour ago we brought her in here." "Where at?" Hogan asked. "St. Mary's." "What was, uh. Any problems at all?" "No, they thought she was a drug seeker." "Well, that could very well be ... And that's a shame." Acting Police Chief Maj. Roy Wright refused to identify the officer on the tape. He also wouldn't let the Post-Dispatch interview Stebelman, who sat with Brown for three hours waiting for a doctor's exam. Wright said his officers had no way of knowing Brown's dire condition. "A lot of times people don't want to stay in jail and will claim to be sick," he said. "We depend on medical officials to tell us they're OK." Likewise, the dispatcher monitoring Brown as she died had no way of knowing she wasn't just sleeping, said Mark Dougherty, general manager of East Central Dispatch. "It's not unusual to have someone lay there lethargic," he said. "If he felt it was more severe, he would have called." SEARCH FOR ANSWERS All nine of Brown's siblings went to St. Mary's after learning she was gravely ill. Confusion and frustration took over as they waited 45 minutes for a doctor to tell them their sister was dead. "They told us she came in from the jail unresponsive and, 'We don't know what happened,'" Krystle Brown recalled. Davis said she did not receive a bill from St. Mary's, as she had from SLU Hospital. She said she has been told she cannot see the medical records without proving a legal right to them. She vowed to not give up. "When you lose a child, it's like a part of you you will never, ever get back," Davis said. "It's like a part of your soul, a part of you is totally gone. And when you don't know why, you keep wondering, you keep guessing." Brown's cause of death puzzles Davis because immobility is a risk factor for deep vein thrombosis, the medical term for clots in the legs. "My daughter was homeless. She had to move around constantly." But trauma, such as a sprained ankle, also is a risk factor. So is obesity, said Dr. Samuel Goldhaber, a Harvard Medical School professor and director of Brigham and Women's Hospital's Venous Thromboembolism Research Group. At autopsy, Brown was 5 feet tall and weighed 189 pounds. "The body responds to trauma by revving up the coagulation system to prevent the individual from bleeding to death from the trauma," Goldhaber said. "But half the time, DVT is silent and there are no symptoms whatsoever." In most cases, diagnosed patients take blood thinners and walk out of the hospital, said Dr. Elliott Haut, an emergency medicine expert for Johns Hopkins Medicine. "Relatively small periods of immobility can potentially cause DVT," Haut said. "Not every test is 100 percent, but if you do the test and see the veins you are supposed to, you shouldn't miss it." St. Mary's staff leaned heavily on the state's investigation in defending its actions. "Our records show that, in this case, everything that should have been done medically was done properly. We found nothing that would have changed this tragic outcome," according to a statement. Hospital spokesman Neil Keisel said, without providing specifics, that the medical examiner's report had inaccuracies and, "If that information was true, we would've been cited by the" state inspectors. PASSING JUDGMENT Brown's family hired an attorney, but a lawsuit hasn't been filed. Should the matter make it to court, it will rest on whether St. Mary's violated state medical malpractice laws, said Sean Fosmire, a Michigan attorney with more than 30 years of experience representing hospitals and physicians. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services "must have seen there was enough … medical testing to satisfy the federal law," Fosmire said. Federal law does not require accurate treatment, he noted. If St. Mary's doctors "went through an exam, did testing and determined that the diagnosis was something else like a leg cramp, they may have been wrong, but that doesn't mean they're in violation of the federal law," he said. The family's success in court also would depend upon how much a jury finds her life was worth — in dollars, said Tom Keefe, a Belleville-based personal injury attorney. "If you kill a homeless man with no job, he's not worth very much. But if you wipe out (Cardinals star) Matt Holliday, who is making $20 million a year, it's worth a lot of money," Keefe said. "Even though they are both human beings and both victims, the truth is, death cases are evaluated by the losses you can prove the survivors have suffered." Davis said she still has trouble sleeping and eating, and constantly questions whether she should have taken in her daughter. She said she wants permanent custody of her grandchildren, now 11 and 2. Brown's son is in counseling to deal with his mother's death but is earning A's and B's. The girl kisses a picture of her mother whenever her grandmother wears a T-shirt bearing her image. The family wore the shirts to Brown's burial on Oct. 8. Krystle Brown still wears hers to bed. "She was not a drug dealer or a hooker or doing other things that she could've ended up dead for," the sister said. "People assume things because of they way they talk or the way they live or the things they do. "My sister is not here today because people passed judgement." Read more:

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    The beaconing light to the world that America is the land of opportunity is an "Alluring Lie" especially for Hispanics and or Latinos. Why is there no social and economic opportunity for Citizens of Latin and Central America, as well as South America too? Did you know that there are not enough jobs for all people born as Citizens in America? Equal Opportunity does not exist in America for all itsCitizens, and the American government does not protect the citizenship and Human Rights needs of all its Citizens. Finally, there is no social and economic opportunity for Citizens of Mexico, Central and South America because of two reasons; 1) the American Governments foreign policies and priorities for these countries, and 2) the domestic policies and priorities of these countries respective Governments and their Aristocracies.

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Zimmerman granted $1 million bond

Watch this video              The judge overseeing the Trayvon Martin case in Florida set bond for George Zimmerman at $1 million Thursday, after hearing arguments last week that Zimmerman and his wife tried to conceal donations for his case.It was unclear how quickly Zimmerman could post the bond and be released from jail.
Defense attorney Mark O'Mara argued that Zimmerman should not be jailed because the state's case is weak and his claim of self-defense is strong. Zimmerman says he shot Martin, who was unarmed, because the teen attacked him.
Zimmerman's original bail of $150,000 was revoked last month after Judge Kenneth Lester learned Zimmerman and his wife had failed to disclose more than $150,000 in donations from the public.
Defense argues for Zimmerman's release
Zimmerman lawyer says he deserves bond
The judge's order said that the new $1 million bond was not a punishment, but an amount that assured the court that Zimmerman would not abscond. Zimmerman has the funds to pay for his release, the court said.
He would not have to post the full amount. Only a percentage is needed to make bail.
Prosecutors had asked for bond to be denied, or else for it to be set at $1 million.
Lester found that Zimmerman had manipulated the system, but that it was not enough to hold him without bail.
"This court has, thus far, declined to exercise its contempt powers and the state failed to prove that the defendant be held without bond," the order states.
The order says the evidence shows that Zimmerman and his wife acted together to conceal their cash holdings during the original bond hearing.
"Under any definition, the defendant has flaunted the system," the order says. "The defendant has tried to manipulate the system when he has been presented the opportunity to do so."
Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda argued before the judge last week that Zimmerman should remain in jail without bail because he was complicit in lying to the court and can't be trusted.
"He quite frankly was manipulating the whole thing; he was using his wife as a conduit," de la Rionda said.
Forensic accountant Adam Magill testified that thousands of dollars in donated funds flowed into and out of Zimmerman's bank account in the days before the first bail hearing.
Magill said it appeared Zimmerman and his wife were speaking in code during recorded jailhouse telephone conversations about the amount of money involved. He also said that transferring funds between accounts could have been done to make it appear that Zimmerman had less money available for bail than he did.
De la Rionda reiterated that prosecutors believe Martin, an African-American, was an innocent victim who was confronted by Zimmerman without provocation. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchvolunteer, acknowledged fatally shooting Martin in February after calling police to report a suspicious person. Zimmerman, who is white and Hispanic, said Martin attacked him.








    We are not alone -- and we never have been. Extraterrestrial humans, widely regarded in ancient folklore as "angels," "elves," "leprechauns," "faeries," "jinn", et cetera, have been guiding and helping us all along.
Virtually every single ancient culture reports human-looking "gods" who came and brought them written language, mathematics, agriculture, irrigation, animal husbandry, building techniques, astronomy and extensive spiritual teachings. 
Gigantic stone structures have been erected within the vast majority of these ancient cultures as well -- following remarkably common patterns worldwide. Such feats still strain our current technology almost to its limits.
"Boskop" skulls have been found in South Africa, Mesoamerica, Siberia and elsewhere, with double our current brain size -- as reported by Discover Magazine in December 2009. No known human deformity can explain these skulls.
It is quite astonishing that in the face of this much data, we still have not reached a point where the reality of ancient ET contact and assistance is considered common knowledge.
Any widespread recognition of this fact will inevitably create a legendary shift in our society -- regardless of how many people will claim to have known it all along.

After several hundred years of frustrating obscurity, it appears that we are on the verge of a stunning mass awakening -- to the ongoing presence of extraterrestrial humans guiding our development here on Earth, behind the scenes.
The Visitors appear to be much more knowledgeable about science and spirituality than we are at present -- and there is every indication that we are on the threshold of an event that has been predicted for thousands of years, with great precision.
Over 30 different ancient cultures -- virtually every ancient philosophical system in the world -- was "encoded" with information suggesting that history repeats itself, in vast cycles of 25,920 years.
This was proven by reputable scholars Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend in their epic 1969 work Hamlet's Mill, and brought to mass public awareness by Graham Hancock in his essential 1995 classic, Fingerprints of the Gods.
There is overwhelming evidence that the end of this year, 2012, is when this huge cycle of time -- and the events predicted to take place therein -- finally reaches its conclusion.
Many have interpreted the prophecies as suggesting that mass death and chaos will occur -- in some sort of worldwide cataclysm.
However, this appears to be a great misunderstanding of the language of symbolism and metaphor -- which is actually describing a very positive event. What the prophecies foretold is a coming "Golden Age" of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

We are seeing the death of the Old World Order, not the Earth. It is the death of the beliefs and prejudices of ignorance, and the corrupt social structures that upheld them.
This shift is also associated with a transformative "awakening" of the pineal gland in the brain -- which, as I explain in the original 2012 Enigma video and in my book The Source Field Investigations, does appear to be our central connection to the Source Field.
One of the most consistent threads that runs throughout ancient spiritual teachings -- right up through credible modern sources such as the Edgar Cayce Readings, the Seth Material and the Law of One series -- is reincarnation.
In finalizing my new book, The Synchronicity Key, I have gone back to the "roots" of the Edgar Cayce material -- such asMany Mansions by Gina Cerminara -- and gained a renewed appreciation for how significantly reincarnation affects our lives today.
In short, the Visitors have taught us that the Universe is One. There is only identity. There is no greater mystery than that of Consciousness -- and how our own awareness is ultimately the Creator knowing Itself.
Life on Earth is a vast illusion, structured for the explicit purpose of spiritual evolution for all its participants. We have large amounts of time to learn our lessons -- across many lifetimes -- while living in very significant amnesia of our greater Identity.
Historical epochs and events keep repeating, so as to give us similar situations in parallel cycles of time. All the while, we have choices as to how to react to these epic changes.

Our "past lives" are not dead relics of another time, permanently sealed away from us. Who we are as a soul -- and as a conscious, waking personality -- is very strongly influenced by who we have been before.
Many Mansions gives a staggering number of real-world examples from over 2,500 "life readings" given during Cayce's lifetime of how reincarnation affects us in the everyday world.
We are protected from knowing where these personality influences come from, in most cases -- but they very much shape who we are, and how we function.
There are many positive aspects to it -- such as children who are born with exceptional talents they remember, slightly below their conscious understanding, from other lifetimes.
There is also a full accountability for who we have been, and what we have measured out to others, in our previous lives as well. Some karma must be "suspended" until we are strong enough to be able to process it in a beneficial manner.
Trouble spots and weak points from other lifetimes will keep coming up, again and again, until we can successfully clear them -- and keep a positive attitude in the process.

This has all become an extremely present understanding for me. In the last month alone I've been in six different countries, performing what will soon be a total of ten speaking events in eight different cities -- all by the third weekend of this month.
I didn't plan or intend it to be this way, but shifting timelines and schedules dating back to last November all coincided to produce the situation I am now working through.
Admittedly, part of why I took on such a dense cluster of work was to finally gain some financial stability. We have five staff who depend on this work for their livelihood, and there are ongoing large expenses, such as venue rentals and airfare.
Almost every event has had at least 200 participants -- so it has indeed been a success on that front.
I've barely had time to catch my breath throughout all of this. Normally I am only comfortable doing one event a month, but such a relaxed schedule insured I could never really stabilize the work.
In the midst of all this, I had to stop reviewing all comments submitted to the website -- so as not to be overwhelmed by the pressure of thousands of people wanting to see the next update.
Avoiding the 10 or 20 intensely negative letters that show up on an average day has been a wonderful healing experience for me -- living life on my own terms, rather than through the guise of how others see me.

I originally saw myself getting all kinds of great work done while I was "on the road," including website posts -- but the reality has been very different.
I have been forced to take care of my health, first and foremost, and make sure I am physically capable of doing the events.
In the last 4-5 years I've done about eight events where I was in varying stages of severe illness, and it is not fun at all. This includes four events in three different cities where I could barely even make my voice speak. I have never once canceled an event.
There are plenty of personal details of how difficult this tour has been, which I will share at a later time for those who are interested.
Especially today, I have been bombarding myself with nutrition to make sure my health doesn't collapse -- and I still have five events and four cities to go, ending in New York on the 22nd.
The whole thing is very surreal. And yet, I realize that health is determined to a large degree by attitude. The science I lecture about has proven this with great redundancy.
Therefore, I see maintaining a positive, upbeat, inspired attitude, while focusing on maximizing and preserving all aspects of my physical health, as my main objective right now.
I could say, and have said, that this whole process is terrifying -- but what good does that really serve me, or anyone else for that matter? I feel blessed to have something to share, and people who want to listen.

The greater context of all this, and why I bothered to bring it up, is how it relates to the subject of reincarnation.
This huge tour is just one of several new ways in which my life is blatantly showing me how poignantly we are affected by our past. 
Most regular readers of this website are already aware of the striking facial and astrological similarity I have to Edgar Cayce.
The photographs and evidence is laid out in the Articles section of this website,, and in the 2012 Enigma video.
When Cayce's work became significantly public in 1942, he worked himself to death in less than three years.
I've had to be very careful not to do the same. Now more than ever, I seem to be living in the shadow of that karma.
Having a friend of mine die, less than two months ago, has really impressed upon me the fragile grip we all have on life in the physical.

This is the time of the Great Initiation, forecasted thousands of years in advance.
Everyone is going through the most difficult "facing of the self" they can possibly handle at this time.
So, if you are still managing to have a positive attitude right now, you're in terrific shape.
A positive focus at this time is not delusion. It's merely a deeper understanding of who we are, why we are here, and how the grand illusion of life on Earth really functions.
It is unfortunate that most people do not have a reliable, consistent, trustworthy connection to their Higher Self -- as the intellect alone is insufficient to put these pieces together and solve this mystery.
The Universe is built that way. For a reason.
The pathway to penetrating its mysteries is ultimately through the heart -- not the mind.
Despite how frightening things seem to be right now, the negative forces on Earth were never intended to "win" -- nor would they be allowed to. 

I learned about the grand conspiracies beginning in 1992. The world did not collapse in on me once I found out about all of this. No one has been herded off to FEMA camps. There has been no declaration of mass martial law.
Over the years, I have read thousands of alarmist predictions of dire catastrophe around every corner. Some were extremely convincing. For years -- particularly between 1996 and 2001 -- I was captivated by it.
9/11 came and went, but it did not produce anywhere near the degree of upheaval the insiders tell me it had been intended to create.
Rather than being a victory for the negative forces, it ultimately insured their defeat. In the fullness of time, this will be very obvious.
As the tyrants of this world push ever harder for global control, the pushback has become inescapable. They are simply not being permitted to do what they wanted to do.
Permitted by who, you ask? In Law of One terms, this would be a whole range of higher-density beings -- ranging from fourth-density straight through to seventh-density.
There is a vast, collaborative effort in place to insure that no matter what the oligarchs try to pull on us, we will never steer into total apocalypse.
The world has continued to remain remarkably balanced, all along, compared to what has been planned by the negative.

The public is waking up. Mass arrests will happen. It's inevitable as the truth becomes widely known. The very rapid changes in the financial system -- such as the imminent collapse of the Euro -- show that everything is now reaching a critical mass.
By some credible insider estimates I have been exposed to, major changes may be only weeks away at this point -- but we will never know for sure until it actually happens.
Furthermore, as I've worked my way through this great initiation of international touring and 13-hour flights, a barrage of incredible dreams are preparing me for major changes to happen in the near future.
Over the last 20 years, I have collected these dreams every morning -- and they have been very reliable predictors of future events.
I had a cluster of 7 to 10 very strong dreams prior to 9/11, which spelled out what was going to happen so blatantly that I wrote them all up -- linking to where they had already been posted on this site -- that very same night.
By comparison, I've had literally hundreds of dreams preparing me for this. And they are getting increasingly urgent, dramatic and incredible in scope.

I could second-guess myself all day about whether I should be posting all of these dreams as they come in -- but in various ways they keep phrasing and rephrasing exactly the same basic point.
One recent dream that came in after I was back from Europe is a good representation of the overall timbre of data I have been receiving.
In this dream, I was in a mountainous region that I know to be a place where much of the UFO-related "black ops" projects have been relocated to in America.
In this area, I saw a very curious structure. It was a very tall, skinny building, heavily leaning to one side. Gusts of wind caused it to noticeably shift in position.
Each level of the building was an old-fashioned one-room country shack house from the 1800s, with highly dilapidated wood. Each shack was completely empty inside.
There was no stairwell or ladder to move up through the structure. There were at least 20 levels. You would literally have to fly by helicopter or scale the walls to get from one "compartment" of this tower to the next.

I was standing there with a police officer who told me the whole building was about to collapse. I was told that once this happened it would radically change the entire world.
He told me this was our very last chance to climb the wall and get a look at history before it was gone forever.
However, another person had clearly warned me that the building was so close to collapsing that the weight of one person's body climbing up the side would be enough to cause it to topple over.
I told the police officer it was far too risky. He could do it if he wanted to, but I would not put myself in the face of that much harm.
This dream is one of an ongoing series that seems to be describing the complete collapse of the occult financial system that has enslaved our planet -- as well as the compartmentalized secrecy of the UFO and exotic technology cover-up.

Just last night I had another dream where "it" had happened -- the arrests -- and I was literally surrounded by press at every turn. I tried to escape it, but ultimately realized I needed to take the stage and do the press conference -- as this was it.
I certainly understand how people can, and will, write this off as "ego" -- but considering how reliable these dreams have been for the last 20 years, I have to take it seriously.
The previous dream from this same morning had me working directly with extraterrestrials, in a top-secret facility, promising them I would do my best to dissipate "interstellar racism" that has written them off as terrifying "Aliens."
It was very strange and a little unnerving to be around them -- it felt very real in the dream -- but once we started speaking it put my mind at ease.

One of my main staff members had a remarkable dream from June 3rd, which had certain similarities to the earlier dream I had shared, as follows:
The Statue of Liberty had fallen over and crumbled apart, after a long period of rusting away. This happened in a plaza at the Vatican. 
This event caused a huge, worldwide, jubilant celebration. I was one of the people who was there on site, dancing on the ruins of the head, a few days after it had happened.
Higher-level beings were showing me a movie as I danced. I didn't always pay attention to it, but then I realized I should be. 

In the movie, we were overhearing government people talking about what assets they were buying and when the economy was going to collapse. 

White Americans were chuckling about how they had made these powerful value exchanges between something of value and US dollars. It seemed to alternate between diamonds, gold and Euros. They had dumped all of these assets for US dollars. 

They were talking about how imminently the whole system would collapse – like it was going to happen tomorrow.

The movie was now obviously documenting history -- as the big collapse had already happened by this point, and it was a wonderful thing. 

There is going to be a lot of media fear-mongering as the old system grinds to a halt -- probably exceeding the panic of 2008 -- but in truth, this type of situation is exactly what we need to create sufficient public awareness to end the problem.

Divine Intervention has dramatically increased. There are a variety of specific examples I will include when I have more time.
The latest briefing revealed how much this Divine Intervention is shaping the strategy that will be used for the mass arrests.
It has become clear that this is a battle against an influence more than against people. And the influence, for lack of a better word, is the Luciferian force -- which is described in the Law of One series in detail.
A sudden, violent mass arrest would cause extreme hardship, chaos and disruption to society. This is exactly what the Luciferian force wants.
Now, it is becoming clear that the Divine Intervention is guiding this whole process so that it is occurring bit by bit, here and there, so as to minimize fear and maximize effectiveness. 
There will be very big changes -- but it has now been realized that rather than assigning a particular date to it, they are watching events unfold and seeing how things keep miraculously improving and working out.
I will have a lot more to say about this next week. I have to go to sleep now so I can get up and do Sydney tomorrow and then Brisbane on Sunday -- followed by Melbourne and Perth next weekend, and New York the weekend after that. 


     AND IT WAS ME... Similarities Between Hercules And Jesus... Just as it is prophesied in the Gospels that Jesus would be the savior of humans, it was also prophesied to Zeus that a human would be born who would save the Gods and the humans from the Giants. That human was Hercules. Just as Jesus was born of a virgin, so was Hercules; in this case it was the union of Alcmena and Zeus. (Remember, Zeus was the Greek supreme god, just as the Jewish god was considered supreme