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Pippa Middleton, sister to royaltyPippa Middleton, sister to royaltyPippa Middleton, sister to royaltyPippa Middleton, sister to royaltyPippa Middleton, sister to royaltyPippa Middleton, sister to royaltyPippa Middleton, sister to royaltyPippa Middleton, sister to royaltyEngland's Most Eligible Bachelorette

Official Royal Wedding Portraits Revealed

Official Royal Wedding Portraits Revealed | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince WilliamAs the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were whisked by helicopter to a secret weekend destination, the palace released three official Royal Wedding photographs. 
The images were taken by Hugo Burnand in the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace on Friday afternoon – shortly after Prince William made Kate Middleton his wife.

Of course, there is a main image of the newlyweds. But even more fun, is an adorable one with the children of the bridal party including: The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Miss Eliza Lopes, Miss Grace van Cutsem, Lady Louise Windsor, Master Tom Pettifer, Master William Lowther-Pinkerton. 

The now-merged family is featured in entirety in the final shot, with everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Carole Middleton. 

Flanking William and Kate are as follows. Front row (left to right): Miss Grace van Cutsem, Miss Eliza Lopes, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, HM The Queen, The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Lady Louise Windsor, Master William Lowther-Pinkerton. 

Back Row (left to right): Master Tom Pettifer, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Henry of Wales, Mr Michael Middleton, Mrs Michael Middleton, Mr James Middleton, Miss Philippa Middleton. 
Official Royal Wedding Portraits Revealed| Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth IIOfficial Royal Wedding Portraits Revealed| Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth II
So very regal! 

Official pictures released as newlyweds leave for weekend away

London Official portraits of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day were released Saturday as the couple left Buckingham Palace for a weekend hideaway.
Catherine Middleton Wears Second Wedding Dress | Royal Wedding, Kate MiddletonClarence House Catherine Middleton Wears Second Wedding Dress| Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince William
revealed that William and Catherine would be spending the weekend at an undisclosed location in the United Kingdom, before the Prince returns to work next week.
Their honeymoon overseas, which has remained a closely guarded Prince William Drives His Bride Out of Buckingham Palace | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince William
secret, will take place sometime in the future.
The palace said in a statement said: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen not to depart for a honeymoon immediately. Instead, after spending the weekend privately in the United Kingdom, The Duke will return to work as a Search and Rescue pilot next week.
The Duke will return to work as a Search and Rescue pilot next week.
--Clarence House
"The locations of both their private weekend before The Duke returns to work and their future honeymoon, which will be overseas, will not be disclosed in advance.
"The Couple have asked that their privacy be respected during the coming weekend and during their honeymoon."
The couple were photographed walking hand in hand in the grounds of Buckingham Palace grounds shortly before leaving by helicopter.
Catherine was wearing an above the knee blue dress and dark jacket, and Prince William in light trousers and a navy blue blazer.
Clarence House released official wedding portraits of the wedding party in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace taken by the photograph Hugo Burnand.
They showed the couple with their parents, best man Prince Harry, maid of honor Philippa Middleton, bridesmaids and page boys.
Meanwhile, central London was returning to normal after an estimated one million well-wishers gathered along the wedding route on Friday.
A team of 130 street cleaners completed the majority of the task of cleaning up the estimated 140 tonnes of rubbish left by the crowds on Friday in just an hour. Cleaners worked overnight to clean up after street parties.


Newlyweds Prince William and Catherine Middleton put off honeymoon

Newlyweds Prince William and Catherine Middleton put off honeymoon

After a royal wedding that captured the attention the world over and broke internet viewing records, a honeymoon is next for Prince William and his new wife, Catherine Middleton, right?
Well, eventually. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have opted to hold off on a honeymoon, instead choosing to have a private weekend to themselves in the United Kingdom in an unknown location - because Prince William has to return to work as a search and rescue pilot next week.
"The Duke returns to work and their future honeymoon, which will be overseas, will not be disclosed in advance," a statement from Clarence House said.
So we'll just have to wait and see where the couple will spend their private getaway, another secret likely to be kept just as well as who was going to be designing Middleton's wedding dress.
Speaking of Middleton's fashion - the world got another glimpse of the new bride when photographers snapped photos of her and the Duke of Cambridge leaving Saturday by helicopter for their weekend alone.
The pair stepped out of the garden entrance to Buckingham Palace hand-in-hand with bright smiles - and the sun still shining.
Middleton, whose style will undoubtedly will be followed after the success of her wedding dress, was wearing a light blue dress, a dark jacket and wedge platform shoes. A cheerful Duke of Cambridge wore khaki/chino style pants with a faint blue shirt and dark jacket.
The style as they set off to their unknown location remained regal, but relaxed with the palace backdrop behind them was in contrast to the ornate outfits during the wedding as well as the fashion from the reception party that followed.
For the private nighttime reception Middleton was photographed standing next to Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, wearing a white strapless gown with embellishments at the waist and a sweater - again from famed Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. The groom and his father also made an outfit change for the night - opting for formal dinner jackets. Other media outlets photographed maid of honor Pippa Middleton, Catherine Middleton's sister, in an emerald green dress with a plunging neckline.
And while the couple jet sets for some time away from the camera - one thing is clear. Catherine Middleton has impressed the masses and fashion experts with her fashion choices and soon enough, the lightbulbs will be flashing to capture her outfits for years to come.
What did you think about the Duchess of Cambridge's choice of outfits? And which did you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

NATO strike kills Gadhafi's son but leader escapes

TRIPOLI, Libya – Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi escaped a NATO missile strike in Tripoli on Saturday, but his youngest son and three grandchildren under the age of 12 were killed, a government spokesman said.A Tale of Two Cities in Libya
The strike, which came hours after Gadhafi called for a cease-fire and negotiations in what rebels called a publicity stunt, marked an escalation of international efforts to prevent the Libyan regime from regaining momentum.
Rebels honked horns and chanted "Allahu Akbar" or "God is great" while speeding through the western city of Misrata, which Gadhafi's forces have besieged and subjected to random shelling for two months, killing hundreds. Fireworks were set off in front of the central Hikma hospital, causing a brief panic that the light would draw fire from Gadhafi's forces.
The attack struck the house of Gadhafi's youngest son, Seif al-Arab, when the Libyan leader and his wife were inside. White House spokesman Shin Inouye declined to comment on the developments in Libya, referring questions to NATO.
The alliance acknowledged that it had struck a "command and control building in the Bab al-Azizya neighborhood" Saturday evening, but it could not confirm the death of Gadhafi's son and insisted all its targets are military in nature and linked to Gadhafi's systematic attacks on the population.
The commander of the NATO operation, Canadian Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, said he was aware of unconfirmed reports that some Gadhafi family members may have been killed and he regretted "all loss of life, specially the innocent civilians being harmed as a result of the ongoing conflict."
Seif al-Arab Gadhafi, 29, was the youngest son of Gadhafi and brother of the better known Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, who had been touted as a reformist before the uprising began in mid-February. The younger Gadhafi had spent much of his time in Germany in recent years.
Gadhafi's children had been increasingly engaged in covering up scandals fit for a "Libyan soap opera," including negative publicity from extravagant displays of wealth such as a million-dollar private concert by pop diva Beyonce, according to a batch of diplomatic cables released by the secret-spilling WikiLeaks website.
But Seif al-Arab remained largely in the shadows, although he had a penchant for fast cars and partying when outside Libya.
Moammar Gadhafi and his wife were in the Tripoli house of his 29-year-old son when it was hit by at least one bomb dropped from a NATO warplane, according to Libyan spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.
"The leader himself is in good health," Ibrahim said. "He was not harmed. The wife is also in good health."
Ibrahim would not give the names of the three children killed, except to say they were nieces and nephews of Seif al-Arab and that they were younger than 12. He said they are not releasing the names yet to protect the privacy of the family.
He said the compound that was hit was in the Garghour neighborhood.
"It seems there was intelligence that was leaked. They knew about something. They expected him for some reason. But the target was very clear, very, very clear. And the neighborhood, yes of course, because the leader family has a place there, you could expect of course it would be guarded, but it is a normal neighborhood. Normal Libyans live there," he said.
NATO warplanes have been carrying out airstrikes in Libya for the past month as part of a U.N. mandate to protect Libyan civilians. Saturday's strike marked the first time Gadhafi's family was being targeted directly.
Armed rebels have been battling Gadhafi loyalists for more than two months in an attempt to oust Libya's ruler of nearly 42 years. Standing outside an improvised triage unit in a tent in the parking lot, rebel fighter Abdel-Aziz Bilhaj, 22, welcomed the attack, saying it would make Gadhafi think twice about how he dealt with his people.
"It could make him more willing to back down on certain parts of his plan," Bilhaj said.
Medic Abdel-Monem Ibsheir considered the strike a form of justice.
"Gadhafi was not far away, meaning he's not safe," he said as occasional explosions could be heard throughout the city. "It's just like our children getting hit here. Now his children are getting hit there."
Eleven dead had reached the hospital morgue by midnight, including two brothers, ages 11 and 16. Two more had arrived by 1:30 a.m., and four more at another hospital.
On Tuesday, British Defense Minister Liam Fox and U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates told reporters at the Pentagon that NATO planes were not targeting Gadhafi specifically but would continue to attack his command centers.
Ibrahim said Seif al-Arab had studied at a German university but had not yet completed his studies.
Seif al-Arab "was playing and talking with his father and mother and his nieces and nephews and other visitors when he was attacked for no crimes committed," Ibrahim said.
Journalists taken to the walled complex of one-story buildings in a residential Tripoli neighborhood saw heavy bomb damage. The blast had torn down the ceiling of one building and left a huge pile of rubble and twisted metal on the ground.
Dust and smoke rose from the rubble, which included household items including smashed toilet bowls, bathroom sinks and furniture among the broken walls and demolished floors. The mirror of a dressing table remained intact in the middle of a bedroom although the walls around it were demolished.
Libyans called in to a late-night television talk show to proclaim Seif al-Arab a martyr. A live shot from Gadhafi's compound Bab al-Aziziya showed dozens dancing, chanting pro-Gadhafi slogans, waving green flags and clapping in unison.
The government spokesman said the airstrike was an attempt to "assassinate the leader of this country," which he said violated international law.
Heavy bursts of gunfire were heard in Tripoli after the attack.
Gadhafi had seven sons and one daughter. The Libyan leader also had an adopted daughter who was killed in a 1986 U.S. airstrike on his Bab al-Aziziya residential compound, which was retaliation for the bombing attack on a German disco in which two U.S. servicemen were killed. The U.S. at the time blamed Libya for the disco blast.
Seif's mother is Safiya Farkash, Gadhafi's second wife and a former nurse.
The fatal airstrike came just hours after Gadhafi called for a mutual cease-fire and negotiations with NATO powers to end a six-week bombing campaign.
In a rambling pre-dawn speech Saturday, Gadhafi said "the door to peace is open."
"You are the aggressors. We will negotiate with you. Come, France, Italy, U.K., America, come to negotiate with us. Why are you attacking us?" he asked.
He also railed against foreign intervention, saying Libyans have the right to choose their own political system, but not under the threat of NATO bombings.
In Brussels, a NATO official said before Saturday's fatal strike that the alliance needed "to see not words but actions," and vowed the alliance would keep up the pressure until the U.N. Security Council mandate on Libya is fulfilled. NATO has promised to continue operations until all attacks and threats against civilians have ceased, all of Gadhafi's forces have returned to bases and full humanitarian access is granted.
Rebel leaders have said they will only lay down their arms and begin talks after Gadhafi and his sons step aside. Gadhafi has repeatedly refused to resign.
"We don't believe that there is a solution that includes him or any member of his family. So it is well past any discussions. The only solution is for him to depart," rebel spokesman Jalal al-Galal said.
Associated Press writers Ben Hubbard in Misrata, Libya, Hadeel al-Shalchi in Cairo and Slobodan Lekic in Brussels contributed to this report.





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Prince William Spent Easter with Kate Middleton's Family

Prince William Spent Easter with Kate Middleton's FamilyChocolate-lovingPrince William enjoyed Easter Sunday with his future in-laws, far from the pre-wedding craze that has taken over London. 

William, 28, who is very close to fiancĂ©eKate Middleton's family, didn't feel the pull of joining Queen Elizabeth and the extended royals at Windsor Castle. Instead, he opted to join the Middletons at church in Berkshire, and then had lunch at their home in Bucklebury. 

The sweet-toothed prince, who has specifically asked for a favorite chocolate cake to supplement the main wedding cake on his big day, was seen being driven to the Middletons' home Sunday, as his cousins Beatrice and Eugenie joined other royals for church in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. 

Meanwhile, William's father, Prince Charles, was in Scotland with Camilla. He is due to arrive back in London in time to spend some reflective time at St. James's Palace with William on the eve of his wedding day. 

Many consider William's choice to spend Easter with his wife-to-be's family a signal that he clearly doesn't feel the need to do things the conventional way. Instead of spending Christmas with the wider royal family at Sandringham, he chose to work at his base, RAF Valley, and friends have indicated that he won't always spend key holidays with his own family but join Kate family's for their celebrations. 

Video - Breaking News Videos from - Chernobyl's wake of horrors

Video - Breaking News Videos from - Chernobyl's wake of horrors

Video - Breaking News Videos from - Fukino: Obama was 100 percent born here

Video - Breaking News Videos from - Fukino: Obama was 100 percent born here

Video - Breaking News Videos from - Fukino: Obama was 100 percent born here

Video - Breaking News Videos from - Fukino: Obama was 100 percent born here

Louisiana legislature considers 'birther' bill

 It's not specifically called a "birther" bill and it doesn't mention President Barack Obama by name, but proposed state legislation in Louisiana appears to be the latest attempt to keep alive arguments over whether Obama can prove he was born in the United States.
The proposed Louisiana legislation would require an affidavit to accompany documents, including a birth certificate and a sworn statement that identifies the candidate's place of residence for the preceding 14 years, for someone to quality for the presidential ballot. Similar requirements are set for other offices including Congress.
Bill co-sponsor state Sen. A.G. Crowe told CNN's "AC360" Thursday night that his constituents wanted the legislation, although he said he had no comment on whether Obama was born in the United States.
"The issue won't go away," said Crowe, a Republican.
'Birther' myth lives on
Conspiracy, 'birther' talk hurting GOP?
Arizona governor vetoes 'birther' bill
Explain it to me: 'Birthers'
Obama has been hounded by allegations since he began running for president in 2008 that he was not born in the United States.
Critics -- often called "birthers" -- contend, among other things, that Obama was born in his father's home country of Kenya. The U.S. Constitution stipulates that only "natural born" citizens are eligible to be president.
Obama, who is seeking re-election, has insisted that he was born in Hawaii, and arguments to the contrary have been repeatedly discredited in investigations by CNN and other organizations.
In an effort to counter the claims, Obama's 2008 campaign produced a "certification of live birth," a document traditionally accepted legally as confirmation of a birth.
Both the current Hawaii governor, Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat, and the previous governor, Linda Lingle, a Republican, have insisted that Obama was born in their home state.
Nevertheless, the issue remains politically potent among segments of the electorate and has served as a rallying cry for many of the president's opponents.
In a call to CNN's "American Morning," potential presidential candidate Donald Trump said of Obama's constitutional eligibility to be president: "We're looking into it very, very strongly."
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, has said he would sign the proposed legislation if it passes, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper.
But a growing list of Republican politicians and strategists, including Rep. Michele Bachmann, Republican strategist Karl Rove, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Virginia, and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a likely GOP presidential candidate, have distanced themselves from the "birther" issue.
Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday vetoed similar legislation.
Nearly 75% of Americans believe Obama was definitely or probably born in the United States, according to a March 11-13 CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll.
More than four in 10 Republicans, however, believe the president probably or definitely was not born in America.
Fourteen other states are considering similar legislation this year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
Measures have failed in three states -- Connecticut, Maine and Montana.
Obama touched on the issue Thursday night during a fundraiser with Hollywood luminaries at the Tavern Restaurant in Brentwood, California.
"You all got involved when the prospect of electing Barack Hussein Obama was slim," he said. "None of you asked for my birth certificate. It was a complete leap of faith."