Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Troubled America:No Peace

America,in trying to hold her place as the greatest power among the nation of Earth,is one of the most troubled countries on Earth today . The world has never before seen the top rulers of the land leaving their offices to visit nations abroad.The purpose of these visits to foreign countries is to make peace with them after years of troubling them.America,brought all of her trouble upon herself,she alone is to be charge with being the cause of the trouble world and people today.America,loves medding into other people's affairs.She just cannot stay out of  other people's business,whether they be a two-cents worth soap-box teacher or President , and Kings ,of countries.America's action fit the  description of the propehecy {Bible}"The beast has eyes around about".This refers to the mechanical listening devices with which America,listens in on foreign governmental affairs.This also refer to her powerful telescope.America,goes abroad and makes war against other people.Then she charge them  with making war against her when she is the one who is guilty of the war-making.  The Bible says Allah,{God}will destroy those who delight themselves and making war.

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