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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Former deputy accused of raping and abducting wife, killing mother

Michael James Lee, 24, of Meridian, Idaho, was arraigned Wednesday on six felony charges. A former detention deputy with an Idaho sheriff's office has been charged with raping his wife, placing her in a car trunk and driving to his mother's residence, where he allegedly killed his mother, authorities said Wednesday.
Michael James Lee, 24, of Meridian, had no previous criminal history and was fired from the department about a year ago, said Andrea Dearden, spokeswoman for the Ada County Sheriff's Office in Boise.
Lee was arraigned Wednesday on six felony charges, including first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping, rape and aggravated assault, Dearden said in a press release.
According to the sheriff's office, Lee on Tuesday assaulted his wife, bound her with chains and tape, put her in the trunk of a car and drove to his mother's house in the neighboring city of Eagle, about 15 miles northwest of Boise. He also threatened to harm their 4-month-old daughter, who also was driven to the house, according to the statement.
Lee's wife later said he was going to his mother's house to rob her, authorities said.
Lee had dinner with his mother, and spoke with her and the woman's 56-year-old female roommate.
The roommate said she went to lie down. The roommate "heard a noise" and found Lee with his mother, authorities said. The suspect was holding a knife and had stabbed his mother multiple times, according to authorities.
CNN affiliates KTVB and KBCI identified the victim as Lynn Marie Blake, 46.
"While this was going on, the wife, who had been in the trunk for an hour, heard a car and used the emergency latch to get out of the trunk and ran to get help," according to the Ada County Sheriff's Office statement.
Deputies found Lee next to his mother's body, according to authorities. The roommate, who had tried to intervene, was attacked by Lee but managed to escape from the house with the infant girl, Dearden said. Her injuries were not life-threatening.

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