Friday, June 29, 2012

  Yes, we are black and beautiful. As we look about us, we must also recognize that we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into a position of complete dependence on our enemy for the means of survival. Some of us are working vigorously to develop a Plan B for our survival. I says somewhere that a 'remnant' will survive. This means that a 'majority' will not survive. The question is; "Will you be among that 'remnant' or will you be among those who failed to survive?" Let us stop thinking in terms of individuality, independence and personal freedom. Let us, instead begin to think in terms of nationhood, interdependence and collective freedom. Someone said, "A balled up fist does a lot more damage than an open handed slap to the face." Get my drift? We have much work to do. Let be about getting this work done while there is still time, my brothers.

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