Monday, March 21, 2011

If folks give you a hard time for wearing cowboy boots with a suit,tell them to get off their high horse.

WEST MEETS EAST:    I'm from Texas,and grew up wearing cowboy boots with suits.It was never an issue until I moved east,where I get snide remarks almost daily.Is my look unacceptable out here,or am i just surrounded by a bunch of stiffs?   In Texas,the wearing of boots is a matter of pride-Lone Star patriotism.My friend Bill Jones,the mayor of Houston,who's running for Senate,wears'em with suits.I think they make some people more comfortable with him{he did go to Harvard},but they also make Bill,an inch or two taller,which,as we all know,helps when you are running for office.In any case ,it is quite acceptable in the South and West to wear boots with suits.Now,it may be that in the East you're surrounded by secretly jealous stiffs who would probably make fun of monkstraps,too.Or a bow tie.Conformists have a narrow range of tolerance.I am from Manhattan,and I no longer own cowboy boots,but back when I was riding a Triumph Bonneville,I considered them an attractive alternative to motorcycle boots.And in a reductive age when we watch men's options dwindle even further,it's nice to see a little folkloric twist to a gentleman's kit.

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