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Friday, May 11, 2012


Police Brutality and Murder:

This is the picture of a young man so brutally beaten by the police, that a mask was used to hide the extent of the damage to his face at the court hearing. Dramatic footage of his family's reaction upon seeing him like this:

Jose Manuel Guerena Ortiz, veteran of 2 combat deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the United States Marine Corps, died in his own home, after police officers fired 61 rounds at him. “His body was struck by 60 bullets according to the medical examiner.”

An epidemic is sweeping the nation. In this special report, never seen on the mainstream news, we look at the symptoms of tyranny and take you to Arizona where the Oathkeepers converged to march for a fallen Marine.

Jose Manuel Guerena was shot 61 times in his home when Pima County SWAT entered to serve a search warrant. You will get an inside look at the Oathkeepers memorial service where Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Richard Mack spoke of the recent abuses, presented the widow with a plaque, and provided solutions on how you can overcome these symptoms of tyranny.

When Kenneth Chamberlain accidentally pressed the button on his medical alert device, he never expected that White Plains police would kick down his door and shoot him dead in his own home. The police kill the old and they kill the young so we must ask ourselves just who are they protecting if every unarmed black man or poor American poses a threat to their lives.

The police make up all kinds of excuses when they brutally beat or kill citizens and refuse to show any video or audio evidence of what actually occurred which is suspicious at best. It is time minorities in America come to the reality that we are not free in this country and being hunted on a daily basis by racist police departments throughout the United States.

Each year dozens of names are added to the list of unarmed citizens murdered by the police. Departments train their officers to use non-leathal weapons to subdue a suspect but it seems they prefer to just kill the person and call it a day.

A teenager was shot and killed by a police officer in the Bronx on Thursday afternoon after running into his home as officers pursued him, the authorities said.

Paul J. Browne, the New York Police Department’s chief spokesman, said there was “no evidence that he was armed” when the officer, a member of a narcotics unit, shot him once in the upper left chest. It was unclear what had prompted the chase, Mr. Browne said.

The teenager, Ramarley Graham, 18, was pronounced dead at Montefiore Medical Center.

The shooting of Mr. Graham was the third time in a week that a member of the Police Department had killed a suspect. On Jan. 26, an off-duty police lieutenant shot a 22-year-old carjacking suspect in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. And on Sunday, an off-duty detective shot a 17-year-old in Bushwick, Brooklyn, during a mugging, the authorities said.

“Why would police break in a house and shoot a young man and kill him?” Mr. Sharpton said. “You cannot get to a conclusion without starting with the premise. The premise is wrong. They had no business breaking in the house.”

NYPD Continues Their Tradition: By Shooting & Killing Unarmed Black Men:

They didn’t have to shoot him. They could have tasered the child. He’s only 15 years old,”

This is what we have to fear. This is how some of our men in blue treat the general public:

Here is what they did to an innocent man. You be the judge: do you want to be able to protect yourself against this?

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