Friday, May 25, 2012



T.S.A regulations at the airport have become invasive for many different reasons. Recently it became mandatory for passengers to walk through full body scanners and for some passengers who seem to be suspicious mainly for terrorists attacks have to undergo a strip search which doesn’t only make them feel like a prisoner it’s also a huge invasion of their privacy. Also due to the T.S.A regulations it’s starting to become a hassle at the airport for passengers to catch their flight on time.
Full body scanners are an invasion to your privacy. When undergoing through the scanner it shows your full body nude. The body scanners also has a x-ray version which shows more than just your nude body its shows the anatomy of the human flesh according to Jim harper “The problem is that these machines impose huge costs in dollars and privacy that do not foreclose a significant risk any better than the traditional magnetometer.” (Harper, 2012)
Strip searching is beyond an invasion of your privacy it’s the most humiliating and embarrassing thing anyone can go through. During a strip search they want you to get completely nude, also they want you to squat and cough to make sure you’re not hiding any type of contraband inside of you. The reason why the T.S.A says they have these procedures is because “Terrorists remain focused on attacking transportation through tactics such as concealing explosives under clothing," (AGENCY, 2011)
Due to the new regulations at the airport it’s becoming a hassle for passengers to catch there flight on the time. Not only do they have to arrive hours early to ensure they’ll make their flight on time, their also not offer a refund if there flight is missed due to long lines and the new regulations which is causing many passengers to become frustrated.
In conclusion T.S.A regulations are invasive and it’s leaving passengers very uncomfortable and feeling violated due to the new rules. The T.S.A administration needs to reevaluate their rules and make it a lot simple for passenger because “most technology being used at airport security screening checkpoints is not able to recognize PETN or other chemical explosives. And let us not forget that a syringe is not a prohibited item” (Greenberg, 2010)

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