Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prince William & Kate Feel the Love at Wimbledon

Prince William & Kate Feel the Love at WimbledonJust days before embarking on their busy North American tour,Prince William and Duchess Catherine relaxed a little on Monday with a visit to Wimbledon. 

The couple were greeted with an enthusiastic ovation as they took their seats in the front row of the Royal Box at Centre Court, with William smiling broadly – and blushing a little – at the adulation. 

Kate, fittingly wore a white Temperley London dress to the most traditional of tennis contests (where players are still required to wear predominantly white clothing.) The cooling choice was a good one, as temperatures shot up into the high 80s. 

They were in their seats around 1 p.m. in time to support British player Andy Murray in his match against Frenchman Richard Gasquet for a place in the quarterfinals. They gave Murray a standing ovation for his win and he graciously bowed to them in the stands. 

"They were talking to each other throughout the games," one guest tells PEOPLE. "There was a little gap between their seats and they kept leaning into each other to talk, and Kate's curtain of hair would fall down over her eyes. They were really enthusiastic." 

After spending about four hours seated, the couple took a break before watching Serena Williams's match – and her exit from the championship. During the following game, Raphael Nadal's, they took part in a Mexican wave. 

"For all of us who love tennis you could see that they were really into the games," the guest added. "They were not just there for the day out." 

The couple are in London as they continue with their briefings ahead of their Canada and Los Angeles tour, which kicks off in Ottawa on Thursday, insiders at the palace say. 

A spokesman at St. James's Palace said the couple were at Wimbledon "privately." It is well known that Kate, 29, loves tennis and plays regularly. She has visited Wimbledon a number of times. 

William, also 29 and a keen player, used to visit Centre Court with his mother, Princess Diana, when he was a boy. 

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