Monday, January 30, 2012


Exploiting Religion to Call for the President's Death is Unacceptable

You might be surprised to hear that Mike O'Neal, the Republican Speaker of the Kansas State House, is praying for President Obama.
Unfortunately, he's praying for the President's death. And he's exploiting the Bible to do so, circulating an email that cites Psalm 109: "Let his days be few; and let another take his office. May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow." O'Neal said of the violent Psalm "At last -- I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our president."
Sadly, it's not unusual for Republican politicians to use vile and hate-filled rhetoric when speaking about President Obama. But when they exploit religion to do so, people of faith have a moral responsibility to condemn it.

Sign our petition below demanding that Speaker O'Neal resign immediately!
As people of faith, we believe that scripture should never be used to justify praying for the death of anyone. Speaker O'Neal's hateful abuse of scripture is unacceptable and a disgrace to his office, and he should immediately resign.
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35127Mon Jan 30 02:39:34 EST 2012Janet Drew
35126Mon Jan 30 02:38:08 EST 2012Mustafa Shaheen
35125Mon Jan 30 02:36:21 EST 2012Nicholas Sondhi
35124Mon Jan 30 02:28:23 EST 2012Tom BoughanSatanic prayers do not a Christian make.
35123Mon Jan 30 02:28:18 EST 2012Nina UtigaardWhat an absolutely hypocritical act. Mr. O'Neal and I must be praying to different gods. The god I know would not support this activity.
35122Mon Jan 30 02:25:44 EST 2012Melah SkollI will pray for you, Mr. O' Neal. Everything we think, speak and pray for another - it comes back to us. Because in that place within the heart where Jesus lives - so does every heart. I will pray that More....
35121Mon Jan 30 02:23:53 EST 2012Gaynell McQuillanJust plain ignorant and stupid.
35120Mon Jan 30 02:23:08 EST 2012craig hymsonMike O'Neal is a disgrace.
35119Mon Jan 30 02:22:47 EST 2012Rene Nourie
35118Mon Jan 30 02:19:06 EST 2012Marjorie GrayYour hatred is appaling! I am astonished that you think you are a Christian, and voice such evil. You are not fit to serve in public office.
35117Mon Jan 30 02:18:40 EST 2012Brendan Dulohery
35116Mon Jan 30 02:14:17 EST 2012Timothy MartinTimothy Martin
35115Mon Jan 30 02:12:15 EST 2012Cheryl Estrada
35114Mon Jan 30 02:09:29 EST 2012Adam Cohen
35113Mon Jan 30 02:05:44 EST 2012Jessica Avalos
35112Mon Jan 30 02:05:37 EST 2012Harry Patsch
35111Mon Jan 30 02:03:19 EST 2012Audria Small
35110Mon Jan 30 02:03:19 EST 2012Betsy Goodman
35109Mon Jan 30 02:01:24 EST 2012Vanessa ButlerO'neal, you must go. You are a hypocrite, a disgrace and don't deserve to be in office. To use God's Word to show your hatred is despicable. God is love, NOT hate. You have shown yourself to be full of More....
35108Mon Jan 30 02:01:14 EST 2012Aileen KirkMister Speaker,
This sort of absurd thinking says to me that you might need some psychological re-evaluation. It's unacceptable to be a leader of any of our nation's people while feeling such deranged More....
35107Mon Jan 30 01:56:00 EST 2012Roderic Walton
35106Mon Jan 30 01:52:55 EST 2012Cecil DoyleOutrageous actions deserve their outcome, Speaker O'Neal. Say goodbye........
35105Mon Jan 30 01:49:48 EST 2012Brett Gelman
35104Mon Jan 30 01:49:30 EST 2012Carrie Reisser
35103Mon Jan 30 01:48:01 EST 2012Megan` Murphy
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