Monday, January 2, 2012

Teen in coma after reportedly choking, beating herself in police cruiser

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – The family of a Charlotte woman in a coma after she severely injured herself while in police custody may soon get some answers.
Tanisha Williams, 18 was accused of shoplifting from CitiTrends, a west Charlotte business located on Freedom Drive, December 5th.
Police said while in custody and placed in a patrol car Williams started banging her head against the Plexiglas window.
Police also said she managed to choke herself with a seat belt.
The teen has been on life support since the incident.
Her family told WBTV Thursday night they don't believe her injuries are self-inflicted.
"I cannot believe that my 18-year-old sister did this to herself," said Porsha Williams, her older sister. "Because she was just too, there was just too much life in her."
Police have now agreed to show the family video from inside the police car that will reportedly show Tanisha's injuries were self-inflicted.
Her grandmother, Darlene Talley wonders why police waited so long.
"Why didn't they try to get in touch with me at first about a film," she asked.
But CMPD says it tried repeatedly to contact Talley.
Talley's attorney, William Harding says he will view the tape first.
"If the video depicts whatever it does then clearly we'll go from the there," he said. "But not to know what happened since December 5th clearly has been very troubling for the family."
Porsha Williams said they just want the truth -- whatever that may be.
"If this is what my sister did to herself, at least let us see it for our own sake," she said.
Harding also told WBTV the teen's prognosis is not good.
"We've been told that she pretty much brain dead," he said. "But she's still alive and we're still hoping and praying for a miracle."
Harding did not give an exact date as to when he would meet with police and review the tape but said it will be in early January.

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