Friday, September 16, 2011

Troy Davis: Hundreds of Thousands Acting, More Action Needed

troy davis petitionsThere are hundreds of solidarity events in the works and hundreds of thousands of petition signatures delivered for Troy Davis.
But while the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles is hearing from the more than half a million of us who support Troy Davis, there is one other person, Chatham County (Savannah) District Attorney Larry Chisolm, who can prevent this execution.
D.A. Chisolm can at any time seek to have the current death warrant withdrawn, and he can, instead of opposing, support Troy Davis’ petition for clemency.  And he should do so without delay.

8 Responses to “Troy Davis: Hundreds of Thousands Acting, More Action Needed”

  1. Jasen Johns Says:
    Killing an innocent man is the death of civilization. Do not allow Georgia to slip into savagery by killing Troy Davis.
  2. Carol Shi Says:
    This is insane! How can America, who claims to be the most advanced country in the world, let this kind of savage act occur? 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted, there is no solid proof, yet we can just let a man die?!?!?! As a citizen, I am sorrowful and reproachful of such an event, and I hope the petitions will help Troy Davis have a fair trial!
  3. JOANN Says:
    You people are indenial. When he was arrested and on the news in handcuffs he was laughing. He did NOT care about that officer or his family. He was a cockey a**hole. He deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail!!!! Wht is it OK for him to have took this officer from his family, but it’s not OK for the courts to take his. I bet alot of you would feel different if this had been yourdad,brother,son or husband
  4. Justice Says:
    1.How do you if he is innocent?
    2. Where is justice if the court let him free?
    3. Where is justice for the police officer?
    4. Would it be fair to the polic officer family, if Troy set free?
    5. Everyone who doesn’t not know anything about this case, please stop with it, human are easily influenced by newspaper and other person around.
    6.The america who claims to be the most advanced country in the world is wrong, America isn’t a country, the most developed country is China, Japan, Korea.
    7.The 7 of 9 witnesses who have recanted may have been influenced about all you people!, they are scared if they do set him death, there are more than 100 thousand people who think he is innocent, they maybe think like you all too!, influenced by people who hasn’t any brain about this case.
    8.If he sets free by all your people signature! How would the society looks like then?! The laws is laws, and we must follow it! the laws are not build by signature and if he sets free by signature, what will happen to other criminals then? set free too? by signature, the court would be a mess! wasting time, papers, money, for just a life?, why dont waste it on african people who are starving, you can rescue more than 100 people, 1000, 100000, 10000000 lifes!
  5. Bruce Harrison Says:
    Does not need to die.
  6. Phil Says:
    @JOANN from that information alone you can not deduct that Troy Davis is without a doubt guilty. I am going to make an assumption hear and assume that you are a Christian. If you’re not, its okay, because this quote is actually from Ghandi…
    “An eye for an eye turns the whole world blind”.
    Killing a possibly innocent man for the sake of making the police officers family feel better is unjust and immoral.
    You would feel different if your dad, brother, father or mother was on death row for a crime you know they havn’t committed…
  7. Disgruntled Citizen Says:
    Why are all of the people posting on here against Davis incapable of forming sentences and using proper grammar?
  8. Viv Says:
    Your list is pretty ridiculous and far-fetched since the petition is not setting anyone free. The petition is to stop his execution so this man gets a fair trial and not have to die for a case with so much doubt. Wouldn’t justice be served for Office McPhail if the right murderer was prosecuted?
    Where is the justice if a possibly innocent man is killed by the government?
    There is just too much doubt.
    Coercion by police investigating is not uncommon and this should be accounted for.
    Contrary to what you say, laws are created by signatures—the approval of lawmakers. Laws are laws, but they change as we progress. Some laws from the yester years are ludicrous and petitions like the ones initiated by Amnesty save innocent lives from these outdated laws. We don’t stone adulterous women any more, nor do we segregate colored people into their own sections. THANK GOD!

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