Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why is the blackman God?

The reason theBlackman is God is because the Blackman is the original man of the planet earth. There is no such thing as a "mystery god" flying around in heaven (beyond outer-space) controlling the world? The Blackman is the father of civilization. All other people of color are just various shades of black. The [essence] of all colors are derived from "black". The white race was grafted from the Blackman. God comes first whom later created "devil" (devil = doer of evil or one that does evil).
Unrealistic and self delusional creating a mental cataract "believing in a spook, ghost, mystery god" actually as POWER over each and every individual. Who is the all-eye-seeing, supreme being, true-and-living sole-controller???
All persons of color are considered black (Africans Chinese Ecuadorean Korean Japanese...). Pharaoh, Englishman, American, German, etc. are all just different terms for a white person. People whom do no have any culture with a history of telling lies, cheating, and stealing.
The Blackman is God by nature (birthright). Divine leadership manifested authority through principles of applied mathematics (knowledge, wisdom, and understanding).

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