Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dems gear up for nasty air war

BLITZER'S BLOG: GOP, Dems gear up for nasty air war We are about to see a sizeable transfer of wealth in the United States.
I’m talking about hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into a few states.
The main winners in those states will be local television stations. Here’s a tip: It might be a good time to buy some stock in the companies that own those television stations.

That’s because once the Republicans select their presidential nominee, the real battle for the White House will begin.
What we’ve seen so far will be child’s play compared to what is about to happen in the general election battle.
President Obama and his supporters, including the super PACs, will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars in television advertising. Much of it will contain positive images of the president. But probably a lot more will attack his opponent.
The Republicans and their super PACs will do the same thing.
Let’s not be under any illusions. It will be very nasty.
I’ve been checking in recent days with top Democratic insiders and they continue to assume that President Obama will face Mitt Romney in November. They are watching the Republican race for the White House with intense interest. They see the ups and downs for Romney but they continue to believe he will eventually win the nomination.
Like so many others, these Obama supporters believe that Romney has the best organization among the GOP candidates; they also know he has the most money.
I think it’s also fair to say that the Obama forces fear Romney the most. That’s why they have geared up virtually all their attacks on him, hoping to weaken him down the road.
They know the eventual battle for 270 votes in the Electoral College will focus on several battleground states where they believe Romney would represent a much more formidable challenger than Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul.
So, get ready for lots of money to change hands. Much of that money will wind up in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania and a few other potential battleground states.
Let the transfer of wealth begin.

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