Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Missed Shots: Athletes That Went Broke For No Damn Reason!

allen iverson
Tsk tsk tsk…why don’t they just get a blinged out piggy bank?
Athletes make millions and hundreds of millions of dollars every year. All they need to do is do a little saving and they’ll be set for life! But noooo these people decided it’d be best to spend all of their cash and now they’re struggling to make ends meetmike tyson
Mike Tyson - He was the richest boxer ever…but spent it all and got tricked by Don King. Buying Bengalese tigers didn’t help either. walker
Antoine Walker - He lost all his money after a long NBA career. Maybe that’s why Evelyn kicked him to the curb. mike vick
Mike Vick - He was a hundred-millionaire before dog fighting ruined him. Now he’s back balling and got his money right. But it was close for a couple of years. /////////
Evander Holyfield - He was right behind Tyson as far as money earned…but he has more baby mommas than he has teeth left. Paying them all ruined his finances.                                                                       
holyfieldkenny anderson
Kenny Anderson - Tammy’s ex-man had a ton of baby mommas too. Just wrap it up, ballers. marion jones
Marion Jones - She earned her money by using ‘roids to get ahead. So when she got exposed for it, her career and money went down too. pippen
A.I.Scottie Pippen - He was MJ’s right-hand man, now he probably would be better off washing MJ’s tires. Now he’s doing stupid movies fighting midgets to get by.                              
Allen Iverson - He’s the newest in the broke athlete hall of fame. $154 million down the drain through bling and paying for his posse. Where are they now?sprewell
Latrell Sprewell - He had sports AND his rims. And they both fell by the wayside and he owes the FBI a few hundred thou. cheryl swoops
Cheryl Swoops - The female Michael Jordan lost all her money with “bad business ventures”. She was worth $50 million at her peak.

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