Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tony Cornelius: I don't think my dad knew how much he was loved

Don Cornelius' death last week has been ruled a suicide, and the "Soul Train" legend's son Tony tells "Showbiz Tonight" that he never saw an indication that his father was capable of taking his own life.
"Not at all. I mean...we all have disappointments, we all go through things, [and] when the lights go down, all you have is family," Tony says. "There weren't any indications, other than his health was failing a bit. Nothing that would make me say, you know, that he would want to end his life this way. It's hard to believe."
When Don Cornelius died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound last Wednesday, several entertainment icons mourned the loss of a man who contributed so much, on top of the outpouring of grief from friends and fans.

"Sometimes I wonder, if he could come back here and if he were to know how people felt about him would he...would he make that move?" Tony says in the interview. "I mean, but again, when you're in that kind of darkness, it's really hard to tell, but people really loved him."
Sadly, it's something Tony says he's not sure his father was aware of.
"I'm pretty sure he didn't realize [that]," he says. "I think he spent his entire life trying to be someone, trying to be the best. It's hard to know if that's true, if you have succeeded. I think he was driven by trying to be the best, and in doing so, it's really hard to know how people really feel about you."Don Cornelius former host of 'Soul Train' leaving

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